My dog Merlin.

So a little about me, well for now id like to stay anonymous. I am these days the kind of person who still keeps people at an arms length wherever possible.

I work full-time and at a job I kind of enjoy, certainly alot more than when I used to work in retail (no offence to those who do, it just doesn’t give you alot of time to live or structure.)

My Latest Posts

  • Church
    So I found being here really helped me at first. I mean it felt like I had a place I fit in. I would go in on Sundays and would go to Sunday school. I even started helping out with something called kids klub and would help the adults with music etc. While I wasContinue reading “Church”
  • The Treatment for the Beginning
    So after my first traumatic and as you can imagine, severely damaging and long experience. I struggled alot. My saving grace was the fact my Dad was manic depressive and he told my mum everything. Whether it was out of guilt or because maybe he actually felt some feelings of some form I will neverContinue reading “The Treatment for the Beginning”
  • The Beginning
    I suppose I should start there so you can get a better understanding of this blog. Minus the graphic detail that will send shivers and chills down your spine. (If you get triggered by this or can easily be triggered I protest you don’t read it. So it all started when I was about 8,Continue reading “The Beginning”
  • Child Abuse and Neglect
    Child abuse isn’t just about black eyes. While physical abuse is shocking due to the marks it leaves, not all signs of child abuse are as obvious. Ignoring a child’s needs, putting them in unsupervised, dangerous situations, exposing them to sexual situations, or making them feel worthless or stupid are also forms of child abuseContinue reading “Child Abuse and Neglect”
  • Being a Survivor!
    It’s not always easy. I’m writing this because sometimes I struggle with it. I mean I’m here and surely that’s enough isn’t it? I dont think the scope of what you have been through and how it has affected and changed you really sets in until your older. I mean most of my early childhoodContinue reading “Being a Survivor!”